dog grooming

I operate from my purpose built home salon in Guidepost, Northumberland. I am canine First Aid trained and have a fully stocked first aid kit on site at all times. Operating from my home allows me to work with dogs on a one-to-one basis, be more flexible with my working hours and have complete control of the environment. It also means I can keep my prices competitive. 

The type of dog grooming I offer has many different names - Holistic, Fear Free, consent-based, co-operative. In reality it shouldn't have to be defined as a different approach, because all these words basically mean is that we are putting the physical and emotional wellbeing of the dog before the haircut.

I am Fear Free Certified, which means that I have mastered the techniques needed help fearful and anxious dogs in the grooming scenario. My salon is also set up with dogs in mind - including the use of vegan shampoo bars, using minimal restraints and allowing each dog the freedom to move as they please.


If your dog is anxious or young, I offer 'gradual grooming' appointments where we will slowly build your dogs confidence to the sights, sounds and smells of the salon and moving forward at a pace that suits them. Visit the 'Gradual grooming / nervous nails' page on this website to find out more.  


It is recommended that if your dog's behaviour has changed suddenly that your vet first rules out any underlying pain, injury or illness. Remember dogs are experts at hiding their pain, so sometimes it might not present in the way that you think. One in five dogs will suffer with arthritis in their lifetime and this can make handling painful, so it is important to consider your dogs individual physical needs when it comes to grooming.